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Effortless Success, Thriving as a leader and making a BIG impact with Shannon Dunn
Episode 1810th November 2022 • Brave Marketing • Swapna Thomas
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Guest Bio 

A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, wisdom woman, chai devotee, and stand-up paddle board enthusiast, Shannon Dunn is an international award-winning Australian businesswoman, business and leadership coach, retreat leader, best selling author, creator of the Thrive Factor Framework® and its 12 female centric leadership Archetypes, and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker.

Shannon coaches, teaches, and cheers ingenious and ambitious coaches, creatives, and impact makers to turn what they know into energising and profitable income streams, unlock their effortless success zone, break up with unhealthy hustle and make a rippling impact by embracing their inner rebel. She leads the Thrive Factor Coach® certification and has a huge ambition to ripple thriving into the world in a big impact kind of way.

In this episode : 

Swapna and Shannon share very similar perspectives on coaching, marketing, productivity and life. In this episode you will hear them talk about :

1.Growing up as quiet rebels when they were raised to be polite, good girls and who didn’t raise a lot of hell and being BRAVE in our choices. 

2.Shannon has been in the coaching space for over 13 years. We dig into, what are some of the good things about the industry now compared to a decade ago and what are some things that Shannon find herself rolling herr eyes at. 

3. Shannon’s take on brand legacy and creating a BIG vision and how to align with your vision to find your mojo back. 

4.A rundown on the Thrive Factor Leadership framework and how it can help entrepreneurs and leaders in their business including what Swapna’s archetypes are and how she uses them in her marketing. 

5.Shannon’s love for Yoda and Wonder Woman and what that means for your brand magnetism! 

So dive in and get thriving! 


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