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Unofficial Partner - If Netflix Ran Sport
Episode 759th February 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Erin Ruane was vice president of content acquisition at Netflix for more than a decade, participating in the formulation and execution of the company’s strategy, from the launch of the streaming service, international, pricing and culture. Her responsibilities included negotiating and managing all studio relationships, over $350 million in annual spend. 

Joining Erin is Claire Kelly, General Manager of Gemba Europe. Gemba is a strategy consultancy for the Sport & Entertainment industry, driven by data to support rightsholders and brands grow fans, deepen engagement and achieve their commercial goals.

Topics include Netflix's recent ten year $5billion deal with WWE and the lessons for the sports industry to be gleaned from Netflix and Disney.

You can hear our previous episode - If Tesco Ran Sport - in the archives. 

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