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Finding Freedom — Three Stories of Transformation From Project U
Episode 7916th March 2021 • Business Meets Spirituality • Adam Hergenrother
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If you have been considering taking on a leadership or coaching program this year, this episode is for you. We are joined this week by three amazing guests for a conversation about their experiences as participants in our year-long leadership training program, Project | U. Jim, Amanda, and Mie, each successful leaders and high achievers in the real estate industry, talk about their journey of committing to self-growth, dropping their egos, and opening up to possibilities of abundance and deep inner work.

Find out what you can expect when you fully engage in building awareness of your authentic self through this type of training. You may be surprised about how your motivations for joining a program like this change over time! We talk about what inner work really looks like, and hear about each of these participant’s experiences, growth, and challenges. See full show notes.

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