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Unf*ck My Business - Unfuck My Business EPISODE 10, 3rd August 2021
Stop Bitching, Start Doing
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Stop Bitching, Start Doing

"Your perspective makes all the difference...be really intentional about appreciating the good things in life. "

To bitch or not to bitch is the question, this episode is the answer! Angel Love joins the UFMB crew as they dissect why we bitch and how to take control of the things that drive us to frustration. If you find yourself bitching more and doing less, there are tons of actionable gems to shift your perspective and help you flip the ratio. So stop bitching and start listening!

In this episode: Robyn Sayles, Chris "Jinx" Jenkins, Kathleen Seide, Shea Jeffers Angel Love

More about Angel Love:

With extensive experience in outbound sales and sales leadership Angel is an eternal optimist who clarifies complexities so that we realize the power we have to create the kind of world we actually want to live in. into the rabbit hole with me and let’s explore how to bring the ideal to life.

website: http://CuriousIdealist.com

IG & Twitter: @thatangellove

Facebook: @CuriousIdealist


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