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Deceptive First Looks
Episode 908th March 2022 • Pipeline Comics • Augie De Blieck Jr.
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Comics are a combination of words and art. You need both. You can flip through a book or look at its cover and get a good first impression. A lot of the times, however, that can be deceptive. You need to dig in and read the combination of art and words to get the art in its proper context to enjoy it. This works both ways -- some very cool art tells the story very poorly.

It also can go for color schemes, as I talk about in this podcast.

I mentioned my review of Penelope Bagieu's "Josephine" in this podcast. You can find it here:

The autobiographical Instagram cartoonist whose name I blanked on during the podcast is Margaux Motion. You can find her here:

Now excuse me. It's getting late and I have to boost my score in this week's DuoLingo challenge. It's Day 793 for me today!

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