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Are You Making This #1 Shopify Mistake?
Episode 515th September 2023 • Elevated Visibility with Nina Gibson • Nina Gibson
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If you are a Shopify website owner, there’s a really high chance that your SEO efforts are being hindered by this one thing that Shopify inherently does. 

This is the #1 mistake I see happening on Shopify websites because so many product shop owners don't necessarily have a background in marketing or SEO this issue is something that most would completely miss unless they knew what they were looking for.

So, tune in to become aware of this issue. This episode might be a bit of a head-scratcher but it is 100% an eye-opener for any product-based business owners with a Shopify website.

In this episode:

  • Nina Gibson Co. is niching down for product-based businesses
  • The Shopify issue that’s happening unbeknownst to owners
  • What a canonical URL is
  • How this is probably disrupting your visibility strategy
  • How to address this issue

Elevated Visibility: practical SEO, marketing, and soul-talk for female founders with zero bullshit + 100% compassion.

Resources & Links

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the full Show Notes on my website for a visual explanation of how canonical tags work.

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Nina Gibson is a holistic SEO coach, search maven, and corporate drop-out who is obsessed with helping female founders elevate their brand visibility with smart SEO.