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402 | How to Be a Mother, Not a Martyr with Paige Michelle
Episode 40231st May 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Cayla only brings on the best of the best and she has followed today’s guest on social media for a while, constantly seeking out her posts and words of wisdom. So, in this special interview with Paige Michelle, we learn about Human Design and how Paige is approaching parenthood based on the season she is in.

Paige Michelle is a global human design authority, life and business strategist, investor, and most importantly, a mommy. She is the Queen Mother at Undefined, a personal development empire that focuses on helping women, especially mothers, immediately take control of their mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny with courses, products, and interviews with leaders. She is also the host of the Undefined Podcast and is currently working on a book that will be called Be a Mother, Not a Martyr.

This conversation is so real and inspirational. Paige’s demeanor exudes confidence and her words will certainly cause you, like Cayla, to think outside the box.

You will learn:

  • [3:10] - Paige shares her background and how she wound up as a human design expert.
  • [4:35] - She was interested in Human Design after completing the form for her son and the results were spot on.
  • [5:42] - As humans, we use labels to organize information and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is when we start to identify as a label.
  • [7:01] - Money is only ever going to amplify what is going on inside.
  • [8:03] - Paige started by finding her vulnerabilities through Human Design.
  • [9:06] - Even the bad things that happen, you need to take full responsibility.
  • [10:32] - We put so much pressure on ourselves as mothers, but children are their own person and the only thing you can truly control is your experience.
  • [11:50] - Paige describes a trauma experience that impacted her as a mother.
  • [14:29] - Nothing is more triggering than parenthood.
  • [15:24] - We have to parent each of our children differently. They have individual triggers and needs.
  • [16:44] - Boundaries are not about the other person. They are about you.
  • [18:46] - Try not to make life decisions based on what others think of you, including your children.
  • [20:01] - Paige describes her nontraditional plans for her children that works best for everyone. This decision would not have been made a few years ago.
  • [21:40] - When you have money, you’re able to make different decisions.
  • [23:08] - Paige explains that she is a guide for her children.
  • [25:17] - If you understand value, many things are available to you without money.
  • [26:20] - People do tend to have external benchmarks for things they value.
  • [28:18] - Cayla felt like a fraud because she put so much meaning on money.
  • [30:29] - We may find the reason that we are not hitting a goal is because we don’t really want it.
  • [31:50] - We have different seasons in our lives so we can’t look to others for what we want.
  • [33:50] - Paige is working on a book called Be a Mother, Not a Martyr.

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