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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 239, 29th August 2021
Prayer 2021 - August 29 - What John Had to Say About Prayer pt 7
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Prayer 2021 - August 29 - What John Had to Say About Prayer pt 7

Scripture For Today:


2 Thessalonians 3:2

“And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith.”

What John Had to Say About Prayer pt 7

The last several days, we have been studying what John had to say in 1 John 5:16 about a “sin unto death.”

“There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.”

Then we referenced the five qualifications outlined in Hebrews 6:4-6 which outline the ONLY time that someone may commit a “sin unto death.”

1.     They are enlightened and see their lost condition and need for a Savior.

2.     They have tasted of Jesus Christ and been born again.

3.     They are filled with the Holy Ghost.

4.     They have grown Spiritually enough so they are not just a “baby Christian” feeding on the milk of God’s Word. They are Spiritually mature enough to be feeding on the “meat” of God’s Word with a deeper understanding.

5.     They have had the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, or the “powers of the world to come” operating in their lives and ministries.

We covered a couple of situations in how someone can meet these five criteria. I focused on someone who leaves the Christian Faith and swears allegiance to another, like Islam. 

I also shared with you how someone may be in a situation where they must act a certain way and do certain things, but that they are still maintaining their faith in Christ. Usually, this will involve someone who is not in the ministry, not walking in the Gifts of the Spirit, etc.

How will you know if someone has committed a “sin unto death” or not?

Again, the obvious would be someone who curses Christ, swears allegiance to another and persecutes Christians who refuse to do the same. You see this in the Middle East on a daily basis.

But yet, there are plenty of Christian brothers and sisters there that refuse to kowtow to the demands that they recant their Faith. And they suffer greatly for it. Some pay with their lives.  But they refuse to renounce Christ because they understand they are only passing through this life. Amen!

So, again, “How will you know whether or not pray for them?” is the question.

John said in 1 John 5:16, “There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.”

The best way I can explain it is, if the Holy Spirit tells you NOT to pray for a person, THEN it is too late. They have already committed a “sin unto death.”

There have only been a couple of instances in my last 27 years where the Lord told me “stop praying for them.”  In every instance, it involved a fellow brother and laborer in ministry who had fallen into sin and left the ministry. When I inquired to WHY, this scripture came to the forefront of my mind.

I may have had some inkling as to what their life had become and knew it was in opposition to the Lord – but I’ve prayed for others that had left the faith as well and they came back into right standing with God and repented of their sins. They may not have gone back into the ministry, and they shouldn’t have, but at least they came back to the saving Grace of God.

But why these others was I told to “stop praying for them?”

Because they had sworn off the Blood of Christ.  They had committed the unpardonable sin.

The Lord showed me that. Then He showed their ultimate destination…

The Lake of Fire.


It is a sad, sad thing when the Lord shows you that you need to stop praying for someone.  I cannot even describe the sickening feeling.  And if I feel that way – I can imagine how it must make the Lord feel. Amen…

I want to pray for you, right now, that if you have any loved one – or if YOU, yourself, are listening to me right now and you are sorrowful for your sins, it’s not too late. As you can see from the five criteria, the people who are beyond repentance have no sorrow for their sins. And for them, IF the Lord shows you this – it is too late.

Continue to pray for anyone and everyone the Lord puts on your heart. No matter what it is they have done or are doing. NOBODY is beyond the Lord’s reach. NOBODY.

But, if the Lord impresses upon you to “stop praying anymore for that person because they have committed the unpardonable sin,” you need to obey the Lord. YOU need to obey.

Let’s Pray!

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