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A Life Worth LIVING: On Men, Money, Sex and Performance
Episode 332nd March 2022 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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A LIFE worth LIVING is measured by all the things you can't possibly MEASURE, and yet MOST people  are tirelessly measuring every single aspect of their lives! 

The world systems have trained us to measure everything 10 ways til Sunday.

I remember a time when I followed the destructive/contractive programming and measured most things in my life....  because I "Thought" and was taught - that's what high achievers do

“Successful people measure everything” - High Achievers set goals and go after what they want.

This was the STANDARD I grew up by and ran every aspect of my life by.

Remembering this just makes me want to purge right here on the spot. 

Looking back -  I was living a completely different life, in a totally different world, with totally different rules of engagement than I ‘play’ today.

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