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Reach for Help – Stay In Business – Chris Cotton [RR 788]
Episode 78814th October 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Why is reaching out for help so hard for so many people? Let’s break down the barriers and formalities and dive into what the first call to a business coach can be like. I’m with Aftermarket Radio Network host Coach Chris Cotton at ASTE 2022. Look, you don’t have a hobby you have a business that needs your attention to profitability. Never stop improving yourself and your business. Embrace accountability partners, peer groups, and coaching, and watch what you can do. Chris Cotton, AutoFix Auto Shop CoachingChris Cotton Weekly Blitz Podcast Key Talking Points
  • People who don't reach out for help end up out of business or stuck not knowing what they need to know and not able to grow
  • Chris asks a lot of open-ended questions on the first call and asks what prompted them to reach out and what struggles you have in your business. 
  • If you're not afraid to disappoint someone, then accountability does nothing
  • Join peer meetings and start networking to grow as the industry evolves
  • KPI is used to measure strategy and leadership improvements
  • Motivate, connect, and teach the younger generation
  • A lot of people use work as an escape or release. Show love within your organization
  • Hug until the other person breaks the embrace- are people hugging longer these days?
  • Take criticization as a stepping stone to level up
  • Reset your mind to be ready for the next thing
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