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Secrets to building trust; how two banks went bust
Episode 2814th November 2023 • Unicorny • Selbey Anderson
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This is a show about culture and society, crisis and social media.

Host, Dom Hawes, is joined by Charlotte Lander, Director, Social Media, Corporate Affairs, Brand & Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank. They talk reputation, social media - the threats and opportunities it brings, but ostensibly today they’re talking about culture and society… it’s the S in your PEST analysis.

Charlotte was one of the co-authors of a peer-reviewed paper in Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing and has recently conducted and analysis of social media’s role in the sudden and dramatic demise of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse.

In this show she shares her findings and offers practical advice and best practice, guided by the content of the peer-reviewed paper and her career’s experience to date.

About Charlotte Lander

Charlotte has dedicated over 15 years to digital marketing, working with large global corporates, CEOs, and top consultancies along the way.

She's data-driven and loves applying insights, strategy, and creativity to achieve business goals. She currently leads the social team that oversees the bank's global social media strategy and accounts, and employee advocacy programme.


Full show notes:

Report: Find it on LinkedIn here

LinkedIn: Charlotte Lander | Dom Hawes

Website: Standard Chartered | Selbey Anderson

Timestamped summary of this episode

00:00:03 - Introduction

00:02:26 – How marketing has changed in recent years

00:05:03 - Marketing and culture

00:06:19 - Silicon Valley Bank

00:08:30 - Missed opportunities

00:13:38 - Importance of senior leadership in reputation management

00:15:51 - Takeaways for reputation management

00:17:47 - The value of a brand in business

00:19:59 - Importance of social media in building trust

00:28:57 - Escalation paths

00:30:25 - Engaging stakeholders

00:32:26 - Reacting in real-time and determining response

00:35:13 - Measuring trust

00:43:18 – The importance of risk assessment and planning

00:43:57 – What went wrong at SVB?

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