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52. 4 Keys to Using Upwork to Grow Your Business with Carly Cheton
Episode 5214th May 2021 • Inspire to Engage • Rachel Eubanks
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Are you familiar with Upwork? If yes - awesome! If not, no worries! I learned of Upwork about 10 months. Since then, I've realized the power that little app has to grow my business...and, perhaps, yours too.

In this episode, my friend and terrific guest, Carly Cheton, teaches us the 4 things we must have to be successful on Upwork. (FYI - She's gotten so good at Upwork that the jobs come to her now! Oh yeah!!)

And although Upwork is typically for freelance service providers, Carly's advice is ideal for product businesses too. If you must write profiles to join wholesale websites, business membership groups, etc., then this episode is a must.

Carly even goes into mindset and how not to "grip" at every job. (I love this part of our chat!) She also talks about pricing yourself on Upwork and how and why to make your profile about those you serve, not about you.

It's an awesome episode full of advice for Upwork. But the best part? Carly's suggestions apply to all platforms where we're asked to describe our businesses and how they help.


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