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Episode #238: Using Graphics Cards to Steal Website Data; Spyware Disguised as Online Ads; Milestone Initiative: Voting Machine Testing
Episode 238 • 27th September 2023 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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Edwin Kwan: Researchers have published a paper demonstrating how a malicious website can exploit a vulnerability in the GPU to perform a cross origin attack, and get access to sensitive visual data displayed by other websites.

Katy Craig: SIn a pivotal move to fortify the security of U. S. election systems, the Information Technology  Information Sharing Analysis Center recently hosted the inaugural Election Security Research Forum. The focus was on systems encountered by voters at polling sites, from digital scanners to ballot marking devices.

Kadi McKean: Your phone and computer can be unwitting hosts to malicious software, all because you clicked on that enticing ad. How can we protect ourselves from this silent menace, when even the ads we encounter daily are potential vectors of intrusion?

Trac Bannon: Hello there. This is Trac Bannon reporting from Jersey City, New Jersey. Hey, today I'm here with Mike Vizard from Techstrong Group, and we are at the DevOps World Tour in Jersey City.

Bob Bannon:   This is Bob Bannon. We're here at DevOps World Tour in Jersey City, New Jersey, and I'm talking with Trac and Topo . I just wanted to know, what did you intend to get out of today?



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