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Rebroadcast - 140: Finding Your True North with Jane Stevenson
17th August 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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A New view on ROI (Return in Intention) Holly interviews Jane Stevenson, Managing Director of Magnetic Minds in South Africa. The two shared a connection through stories that flowed together on stage at a South Africa conference in 2019.  As the managing director of Magnetic Minds, Jane’s company helps reframe mindfulness in ways that serve organizations in planning for their teams goals and future big picture. Her purpose: Finding True North. Personalized business solutions that equip leaders and teams to magnify results and impact. Magnetic Minds brings teams together to help them shift their mindsets in safe spaces to have conversations about where they want their teams to go.  Some of the questions that Holly and Jane unpack are: How do conversations within ourselves magnetize the right people to us?  Who am I?  Why does success in business not feel like success in my heart? Are you showing up and following the plan that you committed to? What is your purpose on earth? Am I winning? How to Reframe what success means - no more winners or losers. We are all wanting to feel like more than just the jobs that we do. We tend to focus on our jobs as the centers of our lives, but is this the most mindful way to live?  Purpose is far bigger than profit! Jane mentions Elan Musk and his opening up his intellectual property to the world, and how his example of sustainability over profit is the perfect example of living with purpose.  Collaboration brings a much higher influence than working alone and in isolation. Holly and Jane discuss global challenges such as violence against women. More questions that they address are:   How can we use the negative stories and build purpose driven collaboration around these?  What are we doing to affect change?  How do we become part of the solutions?  How could anger create the answer? Sometimes we need anger to move into a state of brilliant action. Jane actually uses Holly’s book, Everyday Mindfulness, as one of her tools to give herself a framework for setting daily intentions.  Jane leaves listeners with “Don’t ever think of it as a failure, but as a revelation of how to not do things in the future.” Find out more about Jane’s work at or email her at