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Trailer29th September 2022 • Mind Mashed - A Transformative Mindfulness & 5D Spirituality Podcast • Piyush Prashant
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Mind Mashed seeks to bridge that gap by sharing simple, actionable insights on how to live a more mindful and fulfilling life. 

Mind Mashed is a place to unravel the mysteries of the mind by having a chilled shot of mindfulness and being more mindful in everyday life. 

A podcast that is a mash-up of the mind, mashed with the brain, behavior, mindfulness, leadership, and spirituality. 

The mission is to make the world more mindful. 

The Journey of Self-Discovery, personal growth, and process entrepreneurship, business, and mindfulness podcast. 

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Join our cosmic community of seekers and explorers as we traverse the cosmic landscapes of the mind, one podcast episode at a time.

Whether you're a seasoned mindfulness maven or a curious cosmic newbie, Mind Mashed promises to be your sanctuary of cosmic wisdom, cosmic revelations, and cosmic growth.

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