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The Bonds You Can’t Create Without Adversity, Josh Atkinson, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
17th June 2022 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Each of us goes through life making choices, and some of those choices have a more significant impact than others. When your cumulative choices prevent you from fitting ‘the mold,’ especially in the Marine Corps, the path won’t be easy, but it will be truly unique.

In this interview, Mary Kate Soliva welcomes Josh Atkinson, a Marine Corps Veteran. Josh was fortunate enough to attend Annapolis, and because of the disciplined household he grew up in, he didn’t have to overcome the culture shock that many of his classmates did. He ultimately decided to join the Marines because of the wide range of options they could offer him. And, as he points out in this interview, once you are a Marine, you are never NOT a Marine.

John shares his unique story into, through, and out of the Marine Corps, including:

• Why each obstacle in life is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, and to know what you are capable of

• How he faced up to some of the most challenging times in his military career, when he made the choice to do what he felt was right even though he knew it would not be popular

• The impact that having his transition timing decided for him had on his professional journey

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