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Ethical Recovery with Dr Ronaye Calvert
Episode 4326th October 2020 • The Ethical Evolution Podcast • Ethical Change Agency
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Words don’t often fail me but on reflection in this episode there are no words to describe what happened here. I found my next guest in a long list of suggested guests and she stood out to me as being someone I was compelled to speak to - like the universe guided me straight to her. I saw her mission and the work she did and it was enough for me to reach out. The more I learnt about her, the more it became glaringly obvious that there are no coincidences, just divine guidance.

Dr Ronaye Calvert is the Executive Director of Live Treatment Concierge Services and Revive Recovery & Detox Services in Los Angeles. She’s a clinical psychologist who has extensive experience working in the addiction and recovery field and the LGBTQ+ community. Her personal philosophy is not to help clients see what is wrong with them, but rather to help them acknowledge and embrace what is right with them. Through the concierge services her team go to the places where their clients are most comfortable - whether it’s on a surfboard, in the workplace or at home for treatment that is customised and unique to each person’s circumstance.

Avid viewers of the Dr Phil show may have seen her clinic featured in helping people heal their trauma and transform. While I didn’t quite sign up for a consult with Dr Ronaye, I feel like I too have been transformed from this connection and conversation. So sit back and enjoy this raw and real discovery of recovery.

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