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Ep 111 This Popular Food Takes 36 Minutes Off of Your Life, Wife's Live-In Side Piece Shot After Being Found By Husband, Zoo Chimp Catches Feelings for Woman
Episode 1119th September 2021 • No Reason • Nola J
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The No Reason Podcast with Nola J. aka Chocolate Blonde featuring Don Suave'.

00:00 Intro

04:27 Live-In Side Piece Shot After Finally Found By Husband

07:45 Petty Employee Deletes Thousands of Resumes After Being Fired

09:49 Duct Taping Passengers Now Banned by United Airlines

10:29 Woman Kicked Out of Zoo for Affair With Chimpanzee

12:28 Man Hacks Apple Accounts to Find Nudes

14:25 Florida Couple With Fake Vaseline IDs for Their Young Kids

16:00 Only Fans Goes Back on Their NSFW Ban

21:47 Demi Lovato and Them

25:04 Craft Heinz in Lawsuit Over Employee Racial Abuse

26:24 HBCUs On the Rise

36:50 NY Judges Order Vaseline Shots as Part of Plea Deals

45:00 Eating One Hot Dog Shortens Life By 36 Minutes

48:16 World's First 3D Printed Wagu Beef

49:19 Get Prison Sentence in Mississippi for Not Quarantining

50:30 Flaming Hot Cheetos Flavored Mountain Dew?

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