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555: Marketing Experts on How to Raise Brand Awareness, Lauren Glickman, Tor Valenza and Nico talk details
Episode 55523rd December 2022 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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It’s a holiday weekend, so I’ll keep the reading short for you.

Every so often, I try to convene my close friends who are working in the trenches doing the guerilla and grass roots marketing helping our industry grow. Two-such folks are Tor “Solar Fred” Valenza, and Lauren “Windy Glick” Glickman, and I’ve truly come to admire and respect them both. I ask them a ton of questions in this conversation all about how they help their clients navigate the world of new media, social, podcasts, etc, and get more than a handful of tactical and immediately useful answers. As you head into 2023, I suggest you play this episode more-than-once, and take notes. It’ll come in handy.

Here are a few of the main themes we discussed:

The importance of having a personal brand in your digital marketing - 3:21

How do you build a Twitter following on social? 

>(including who on your team should have (and use) Twitter,  - 5:39

How Lauren uses Twitter as a thought leader to connect with interesting people - 11:39

How important is a content calendar for your digital media campaigns? - 15:47

When to post on LinkedIn and when not to - 21:30

The importance of having a clear vision for what you want to be saying - 25:11

How to find people with a platform, not build your own platform - 29:27

Insider tips for getting and leveraging interviews on podcasts - 30:31

This episode really is chock-full of great advice directly from the front lines, battle tested and ready for you to deploy.

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