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Art on Your Own Terms
17th July 2015 • The Thriving Artist • The Clark Hulings Foundation
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C.W. Mundy is a successful American impressionist painter who also routinely sells out enthusiastic workshops for professional artists. His spouse, Rebecca Mundy, is his business manager. Together, they live in Indianapolis where they’ve based their partnership and career. In this episode of The Thriving Artist podcast, the duo reveal the keys to their longevity as an art/business team and the secrets of C.W.’s reach and fame as a visual artist. We ask the Mundy’s about:

  • The requirements for making a business out of one’s art: financial, collection tracking, marketing, fulfillment, communications, events
  • The role of teamwork and building brand recognition
  • How the industry has evolved and the role of digital media, especially video
  • The duty of successful artists to teach and the role of teaching in the creative process
  • Gallery divorces and the nexus of spirituality and art
  • Bucking the trend of flocking to the coasts or the temptation to join an artist colony
  • Defining success for yourself, and showing your art on your terms

You’ll want to sit down, or take a run or drive, with this slightly more than half-hour episode and listen to what a globally renowned visual artist is saying about thriving as a working artist.

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