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Four Communication Tools to Facilitate Better Collaboration in IEP Teams
Episode 1424th November 2020 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Communicate communicate, communicate!  If you’ve been around here long enough, you know how much I preach communication on IEP teams!  I really think communication is the key to collaboration.  In today’s episode we go through four communication strategies that I have my clients and students use to improve IEP team collaboration. 


We talk about emails that I recommend families send every Sunday night to describe a child’s experiences and interests, as well as any concerns that the family might have.  I also discuss another email that I recommend sending at the beginning of the school year to catch the school team up on the child’s summer experiences, any changes to his or her profile, and anything else of interest.  Then, I talk about small monthly gifts – like apples or chocolate -  that many of my clients and student send to their school team to just say, “Hey, I see you.  I’m happy we’re on the same team!”  Finally, I will explain how an All About Me Book can help to increase collaboration with the members of an IEP team in addition to other school personnel. 



⟶ All About Me Books:

⟶ Preparing for an IEP Meeting: