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Framing Your Business Case for Digital Supply Chain Investments
18th May 2022 • TEKTOK • Supply Chain Now
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This episode of TEKTOK will help you Frame Your Business Case for Digital Supply Chain Investments. The reality is that estimating potential ROI from deploying a new Digital Supply Chain Solution can be difficult. The number one reason why ROI is difficult to predict might surprise you. Listen in to understand the best Key Performance Indicators as well as proven ranges of improvements from hundreds of successful supply chain transformations.

Insights from this episode of TEKTOK will help you put together a business case that creates a connected, transparent, and highly automated supply chain independent of a solution provider that might introduce bias into your business case. Keep in mind supply chain transformation will likely require your team to embrace a plan to progress your “maturity” in process, technology and data. Enjoy the challenges. It is worth the work. The outcomes will be worth the effort.

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