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How Trauma Changed Everything
Episode 1211th October 2021 • Over a Drink • Mitch Parsons
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Wally Hollis' experienced what a lot of men would describe as their worst nightmare; his wife died in his arms. An unknown genetic condition turned a standard procedure into an event that left him a widower and a single dad to two girls. The loss of his wife was the most traumatic thing Wally has ever experienced and created problems he could have never imagined but as a secondary result, he discovered a passion that his world is now built around.

Listen to this week's episode to learn about how today, Wally is a practicing counselor, sex therapist, and gets to counsel married couples with his wife that he met while going back to school to pursue his new passion.

PS. We talk a lot about sex and sexual sin. A taboo subject that is cloaked in shame all too often... but every man needs to hear it.

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