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Activism, Social Justice and the Circus with Confidence Coach Anna HeardinLondon
Episode 5020th March 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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"It's really important with all of the work that I do to be able to offer people a space to be seen and to treat themselves as respected, valued humans. That that their story is not only worthy, but also worth being heard and worth being seen." -Anna HeardinLondon

Anna HeardinLondon at her core is an advocate for social justice. She took her love of circus performing and her talent for opening businesses and helped survivors of human trafficking in Nepal.

Through her photography she highlights people’s often silenced voices and helps others to find confidence and to be comfortable in their own skin. She’s also an activist that spent time running towards the protests to get that perfect shot that embodied the message.

And she does all of this while living with chronic illness.

Anna helps empower people everyday and is here to share her inspiring story with us.

In this episode, Anna discusses:

-How confidence coaching and photography intersect to create moments where someone can see their true selves.

-Her goal is making sure no one is left behind due to their circumstances or disabilities.

-Her powerful work helping marginalized adults and children in Nepal create a social circus.

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