Why entrepreneurs need a real vacation
4th August 2023 • The Thriving Entrepreneur • David Foster & Rachelle Leerling
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Are you able to go on vacation without feeling guilty? Many entrepreneurs are not able to fully turn off their head and disconnect from their businesses while trying to relax with their loved ones.

While our high level of feeling responsible is a sign of caring about our cause, it can start to be counterproductive when it comes to taking time off.

If you are not fully present with your vacation, you aren’t really relaxing and not coming back recharged. Neither are you enjoying your time away - rather, you feel restless and want to get back to your laptop ASAP.

How do we avoid this from happening? How can we truly benefit from a break?

In this episode, David & Rachelle explore the topic of taking a vacation and the struggles that most entrepreneurs face when doing so.

You will discover:

  • the reason most entrepreneurs can’t really take a vacation
  • why both you AND your business need you to take off
  • what not being able to turn off says about your business foundations
  • how to take a vacation and come back recharged (the right way)

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