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Cultivating Empathy and Curiosity with Reggie Walker
Episode 1323rd December 2020 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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This week we have Reggie Walker on the show!

Reggie is a former NFL athlete and team captain, playing with the Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. Reggie learned early on that he is capable of accomplishing anything he sets his mind to - he has a unique blend of unbreakable resilience and determination. During his college football career, Reggie never started more than half of a season while also battling anxiety, depression, and abuse. Even with these challenges, he was able to recognize his own abilities and make it to the NFL.

Reggie is now a personal coach, guiding others to find their purpose through their personal growth and business journeys. He’s also a grad student for School and Clinical Counseling and has been featured on TEDx.

You can’t always be given the tools necessary to succeed but you can cultivate them. -Reggie Walker

In this episode, we discussed:

  • When Reggie first discovered football as a child and his early love for the game
  • Reggie’s early trauma emerging in college and the difficulties he faced
  • How his difficult college career prepared him for the NFL
  • Learning through trial and error and the value of life experience 
  • When Reggie knew it was time to walk away from the game and the initial transition
  • How treatment and community allowed Reggie to heal
  • The power of journaling to cultivate emotional intelligence
  • How the professional sports prepares you for the world 
  • Reggie’s vision for the future and advice for individuals going through transition 
  • The power of empathy 

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