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The Five Steps to Becoming a Successful DJ with Phil Morse
Episode 19829th May 2024 • Music Explored Podcast • Music Explored
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In this conversation, Anthony interviews Phil Morse, a professional DJ, CEO of Digital DJ Tips, and author of the book Rock the Dance Floor. Phil shares his journey as a DJ and how he transitioned into teaching others. He discusses the five-step method of teaching DJing, which includes gear, music, mixing, performing, and success. Phil emphasizes the importance of trying different genres of music and being open to new opportunities as a DJ. He also addresses the blurred line between DJing and producing, highlighting the use of technology in live remixing and the controversy surrounding the beat sync button. In this conversation, Phil and Anthony discuss the blurred line between producers and DJs, the importance of understanding the tools and technology used in DJing, and managing nerves in front of a crowd.



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