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303 | "Sales Growth Tools" with Mike Aronow from Amplifyer
Episode 3034th January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. "Sales Tools Alignment": Many businesses face challenges when they're not adequately prepared with sales tools, experiencing a "dog catches the car" scenario. It's crucial to align tools with a scalable sales capability to ensure a smooth process.
  2. "Importance of Sales Audit": Implementing a sales audit, despite sounding mundane, is essential. It ensures a scalable and sustainable sales capability, covering aspects from product-market fit to dealing with objections, facilitating successful deals and retention.
  3. "Building a Sales Process": Starting the sales process involves a self-onboarding exercise. Clearly defining who you are, identifying ideal customer profiles, and understanding differentiation are key steps to crafting a compelling and modular pitch.

✍️ Episode Summary:

Mike Aronow, founder of Amplifyer, the discussion revolves around the critical aspects of business growth and sales tools. Mike shares his experiences, emphasizing the importance of proper sales tools alignment to avoid the chaos that ensues when unprepared.

A key revelation is the significance of a sales audit. Instead of an ad hoc approach, a structured audit becomes a necessity, ensuring that sales capabilities can scale and sustain. From product-market fit to handling objections, every aspect is scrutinized to bridge the gap between a potential deal and successful retention.

Mike advises on building a sales process, suggesting a self-onboarding exercise to clearly define the business, understand differentiation, and craft modular pitches for various customer profiles. The patient approach in sales is highlighted, indicating that prioritizing client needs over short-term goals ultimately yields stronger, longer-lasting partnerships.


00:00 Intro

00:13 Discussing Business Growth and Sales Tools

01:01 The Importance of Sales Audit

02:05 Building a Sales Process

02:57 Differentiating Your Business

03:25 The Shift in Business with Proper Tools

03:54 The Role of Data in Business

05:07 The Importance of Client Needs

09:23 The Patient Approach in Sales

10:24 Bulldozers vs. Patient Approach

11:54 The Sales Audit Process

13:14 The Right Business for Amplifyer

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