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6 | Russ Wolf | Crafting Your Career Story
5th December 2023 • Elevate Your Career • Nicole McMackin
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In this episode of Elevate Your Career, Nicole talks to Russ Wolf, the head of delivery at Irvine Technology Corporation. They discuss key aspects of job searching, focusing on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job application strategies. They discuss the importance of having a clear idea of desired job roles and tailoring resumes and LinkedIn profiles to showcase one's capabilities and accomplishments. He compares a resume to a movie trailer, designed to elicit interest from potential employers by highlighting key achievements.

Nicole and Russ explore the specifics of resume writing, advising on the use of action-driven words and the inclusion of clear, quantifiable achievements. They stress the necessity of consistency between a resume and a LinkedIn profile, noting the importance of an active LinkedIn presence in attracting recruiters. Russ suggests that candidates should also include relevant extracurricular activities and internships, especially for recent graduates. He advises against overloading resumes with irrelevant information, as this can detract from a candidate's genuine skills and achievements.

The conversation shifts to the etiquette of following up after job interviews, with Russ recommending a balance between persistence and patience. He advocates for taking initiative in the job search process, such as reaching out to connections or directly to employers, but warns against being overbearing. He also shares his personal mantra on taking risks and seizing opportunities, likening it to a baseball game where one must not let the fear of striking out prevent them from swinging at potential opportunities.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • Why a resume should captivate potential employers by succinctly highlighting key achievements.
  • The importance of including relevant extracurricular activities and internships to compensate for limited work experience.
  • Why maintaining consistency between a resume and a LinkedIn profile is vital to ensuring a coherent professional narrative.
  • Keeping a balance between persistence and patience when following up after job interviews.
  • Russ' personal mantra about not letting the fear of striking out keep one from swinging.
  • And so much more...


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