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Episode 199: Dreamliner hits Dreamtime on the DreamTour & We're Dreaming!
Episode 19929th May 2012 • The Australia Desk • Southern Skies Media
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Boeing have brought 787 ZA003 down under on segment #7 of the DreamTour, stopping in Melbourne long enough for Steve & Grant to get a tour and record an interview. Taking advantage of being able to hang out live instead of via Skype, we recorded this Australia Desk sitting on the tailgate of the PCDU-Mobile in the Qantas Engineering car park:

  • Qantas have announced they'll be closing down their maintenance centre at Tullamarine and eventually at Avalon as well
  • Qantas will split their international & domestic operations into separate units although they won't be physically separate companies
  • Bruce Buchanan has stepped down as CEO of Jetstar
  • Air Mauritius flight had to return to Melbourne due to a bomb scare
  • Gipps Aero have had the first flight of their GA10 turbine powered 10-seater aircraft
  • Victorian state government are chipping in some money to help expand the Latrobe Regional Airport where GippsAero are based to help it support GippsAero's expansion
  • Grant goes out on a limb with a prediction that the first Jetstar 787s will actually be used to replace Qantas 767s domestically on the "Cityflyer" routes on the "Golden Triangle" (with the "wow" factor of the 787 balancing out the upset frequent business flyers who want Qantas, not Jetstar)
  • Qantas flooding the eastern seaboard routes (especially the "Golden Triangle") with capacity to fight off Virgin's recent advances





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