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The Debt Ceiling Crisis: Unraveling Its Impact on Healthcare
Episode 19th May 2023 • Complications: Health Policy Unraveled • McGuireWoods Consulting
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In this inaugural episode of Complications: Health Policy Unraveled, host Stephanie Kennan discusses the federal debt ceiling and its potential impact on healthcare. As Congress battles over the debt ceiling, healthcare providers and investors hang in the balance, facing delayed payments and potential access issues, in a high-stakes political game with no clear path forward.

In this episode, we'll uncover the political dynamics surrounding the debt ceiling, evaluate competing budget cut proposals, and contemplate the possibility of a government default and its effects on healthcare services. Don't miss out on this crucial information as we navigate the uncertain path ahead.

Meet Your Host

Name: Stephanie Kennan 

Title: Senior Vice President, Federal Public Affairs at McGuireWoods Consulting

Specialty: Stephanie Kennan helps clients navigate the legislative and executive branches of federal government to solve problems involving a variety of healthcare policy issues. Her work focuses on providers, medical device manufacturers, drug manufacturers and associations concerned about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

[00:41] Competing debt ceiling bills in Congress and a call from the White House for negotiations

[01:55] Introduction to the debt ceiling debate and its relevance to healthcare

[04:31] Political challenges of the debt ceiling crisis and proposed bill, H.R. 187, the Default Prevention Act, and its five-tier payment structure.

[07:19] Adverse consequences for the U.S. economy and healthcare if Congress fails to raise debt ceiling.


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