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Why Must You Teach Your Child About Grief And Loss with Shirley Thiessen
Episode 1041st December 2022 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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Death and loss is inevitable. As soon as our kids are old enough to love, to have an attachment to something or someone, they will grieve and mourn for those losses. When is the best time to talk about grief and loss to our kids? Well, the best time to prepare for grief is NOT when the tsunami of heartache is hitting hard. 

Today, we’re gonna dive into what our kids need to know about grief and loss. This is something our guest, Shirley Thiessen, a grief coach and educator,  wishes herself to know as a young mom. This episode will help to protect your kids from the harshness of loss and pain. Let us also learn how each of us can be a “Hope Hero” in this world full of grief.

“Grief is really hard work, it is exhausting. If we don't absorb the loss, if we don't reconcile it, it's gonna bubble up years later in very unhealthy ways. So it's a beautiful thing to be able to teach our children that we're going to face our pain, we're going to look for ways to learn from it, and to get a meaning or purpose from that pain…I think pain can teach us how to look out for others who are hurting, and come alongside them.” - Shirley Thiessen

About our Guest:

Shirley Thiessen is co-founder of a grief ministry, CornerBend Ministries in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Through writing and speaking, Shirley serves others as a grief coach and educator. Most people don't know what is helpful to say or do to support their grieving friends. Regretfully, the younger Shirley was one of those people.

Inspired by caring friends who support Shirley as she grieves the loss of her son, she is paying it forward by sharing the transformational power of empathy expressed in life-giving ways.


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