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Standing Out as a B2B Brand on LinkedIn
Episode 5621st February 2023 • Demand Gen U •
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Are you standing out on LinkedIn for all the right reasons? Or is your page gathering dust and tumbleweeds? 

We’ve seen our fair share of LinkedIn blunders over the years, from radio-silent accounts to outdated memes to leave-it-to-the-intern strategies and cringey self-promotional posts. 

…And we’ve been guilty of a couple of them ourselves. Admittedly, our LinkedIn game wasn’t great in the early days. But thanks to the help of some LinkedIn masters, we’ve turned that around.  

In this episode of Demand Gen U, Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, chats to Katie Cooper, freelance Social Media Content Creator who works closely with us on Metadata’s LinkedIn presence, about the top mistakes B2B brands make on LinkedIn, why the one-size-fits-all approach never works, how to find your voice, and the best way to use comedy on LinkedIn. 

Find out: 

  • What NOT to do on LinkedIn 
  • How to find your voice on LinkedIn 
  • How to mix value and comedy   

0:00 – 4:12 Intro 

4:12 – 10:25 Where B2B brands are going wrong on social 

10:25 – 14:17 Why you should focus on one channel first  

14:17 – 18:02 How Katie started working with Metadata 

18:02 – 21:10 How to find your voice on social media (and how we found ours) 

21:10 – 25:43 The best way to balance comedy with value 

25:43 – 30:14 How to measure ROI 

30:14 – 32:45 Dealing with negative mentions  

32:45 – 36:09 The top things Katie wants to try out at Metadata  

36:09 – 37:16 Outro