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Making Data Accessible Fast to Non-Coders: Dom Beary of Mammoth Analytics
25th September 2020 • Recordings • Ross Brand
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On Ep34 of Livestream Deals, we talk about how Mammoth Analytics cleans up and organizes your data in 1/10th of the time it would otherwise take without needing coding skills or the IT team. Hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe, this was a fun discussion with Dom Bearly, CCO at Mammoth Analytics, as part of the PodMAX event presented by Propelify.


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Mammoth Analytics is an end to end data analytics platform. Born in 2017, with the aim of empowering the data user, it 1) rapidly collates data from disparate sources, 2) hosts it all in one place, 3) simplifies the process of cleaning and preparing it, 4) allows for the exploration of complex datasets before 5) visualising, exporting and automating your desired outcomes. None of which requires coding skills - nor your IT team. Reports and insights may now be created in minutes not hours, saving time and money and allowing you to concentrate on the analysis which, actually, will add value.