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Things that hold back content creators from hiring
Episode 516th January 2022 • Cocktails & Content Creation • Cocktails & Content Creation
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Episode 51: Things that hold back content creators from hiring

Welcome to episode fifty-one of the Cocktails & Content Creation Podcast! For this episode, we’re going to talk about the things that hold back content creators from hiring with Emily Perron.

In our fifty-first episode you’ll learn:

  • When is the right time to start hiring for business
  • What you should be outsourcing in your business
  • How to overcome the fear of hiring
  • The tools to help you outsource and onboard

About our Guest:

Emily Perron helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs expand and improve their teams with talented freelancers. Her number one goal is to align the right person with the right role, so business owners and freelancers alike feel empowered to work within their individual skill-sets and strengths. Her expertise lies in hiring and managing in your Zone of Genius. 

After years of struggling to bring on quality freelancers in her own business, Emily figured there had to be a better way to find great support. Through a lot of trial and error, she learned that hiring freelancers for online businesses is a lot different than traditional corporate hiring strategies. Emily spent years refining her strategic hiring process that has allowed her to connect hundreds of knock-out freelancers with online entrepreneurs. She also teaches her hiring methods inside her self-guided digital course, The Hiring Fix.

Emily has a Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and English. Her professional background includes working in marketing, coaching and organizational consulting. Her past work and education make Emily uniquely qualified to understand what business owners need help with and to put systems in place to find the best person to fill that role.

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