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#220 "I'm A Furry Ticking Time Bomb" Live Recording At Movies In The Park With Turing Red
Episode 22026th August 2023 • The Reel Debaters Podcast • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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This week Micheal, Jimmy, Emily and Charles take the show outside and host Movies In The Park at Assiniboine Park and do a live commentary on Pixar's Turning Red and their own personal coming of age stories. Join us September !st as we head back for another night with Super Mario Brothers and Guardians Of The Galaxy V3.

If you see us there we give you full permission to come over and share your thoughts while the movies on.

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Movie Trivia at Little Brown, Winnipeg, MB Jug September 5th 7pm

Tickets Here

Movies In The Park September 1st Hosting and Live Recording in Winnipeg, Mb

Super Mario Brothers 6:30pm

Guardians Of The Galaxy V3 8:30pm

More Info Here


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