Playing Keys with Prince and The Revolution | Matt "Doctor" Fink
Episode 316th December 2020 • Musicians Reveal • Joe Kelley
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Dive into the unparalleled musical genius of Prince with an exclusive peek behind the purple curtain in this episode featuring insights from keyboardist extraordinaire, Matt "Doctor" Fink. As a vital member of Prince's iconic band, The Revolution, Fink takes us on a journey through the creation of some of the most legendary hits in music history.

Join us as we explore the unique creative process that defined Prince's sound and the magic that unfolded in the studio. Fink shares intimate anecdotes about working alongside the legendary artist, offering a firsthand account of the musical innovation and boundary-pushing that became synonymous with Prince's legacy.

Discover the intricacies of Prince's artistry, from his unparalleled skills as a songwriter to his virtuosity on multiple instruments. Unravel the stories behind the hits and gain a deeper understanding of the collaborative brilliance that fueled Prince's unparalleled career.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the Purple Universe, this podcast is your backstage pass to the extraordinary world of Prince, as seen through the eyes and experiences of the incomparable Matt "Doctor" Fink. Join us for a sonic journey that transcends genres and celebrates the enduring impact of a true musical icon.


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