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Pod 213: George Morton Conducts Thunderbirds
Episode 21311th July 2022 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Podsterons (AKA Listeners of the Gerry Anderson Podcast) know and love the music of Barry Gray, Richard Harvey, and Crispin Merrell– but what does a conductor and arranger for orchestra make of all these FAB tunes? George Morton conducted the Stand by for Action concert last April and in this new interview he offers keen insight into the process of turning old scores back into symphonic sounds! Plus, the origins of Ed Straker in FAB Facts! Chris Dale has an unexpected guest! And Jamie and Richard bear witness to a tug o' war!

01:07 Jumping straight into the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

05:20 FAB Missile Facts

11:43 Podsterons Emailing in Droves

20:29 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

28:32 Posts from the Podcast Facebook Group

41:30 George Morton - Part 1

58:59 Comments and Tweets

1:03:18 It's a dog's life for Chris in the Randomiser, Marina tries on a new shade of red

1:17:42 Wrapping things up!

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