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Level Up vs Down, Abundance vs Scarcity Mindsets with Chad Peterson
Episode 36115th September 2020 • LIVETHEFUEL • Scott W. Mulvaney
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Get Your Mindset Straight, Entrepreneurship, Abundance Mindsets, and More:

Chad Peterson is a serial entrepreneur, author, and renowned Business Broker. He successfully handles business transactions across the United States and abroad in some cases - deals from 1 million to 25 million-plus. Peterson handles the transactions from start to finish with tenacity and results. He lives a wonderful life, traveling and making deals with movers and shakers throughout the world.

Quote – "The world will try to make you what it needs. Only the bold make this life for themselves"


Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Live deliberately with intentionality, your mindset drives everything.
  2. Take care of your health and believe in your health prevention vs medicine.
  3. The journey of the self-employed is often treacherous and nerve-rattling until you see the horizon of success.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

00:30 - Introduction

09:30 - You have to decide right now. What stress can you take on and what is going to be more fruitful for you. Hold on to your personal life and your sanity right now or if expanding and adding to your business and money right now is more important. You have to decide that because you can put too much stress on your time and on yourself during these times

20:30 - You have got to realize that this economy was worse than this, but not acutely that this is way worse than a way it was? Oh, but it's not going to be that way long term. In other words, a five-year effect. I believe that here in the next 30 days, I think you're gonna see this country just start roaring again. That's what I believe anyway, I don't think it's going to be maybe the hardest and shortest hit to the economy that we've ever seen.

31:00 - If we the people state, hey, we're not gonna let you take our liberties away. You know, we're not going to take up some unsubstantiated evidence and let it ruin our lives in our economy. We've got to get outside, we've got to remain healthy. We've got to remain socially healthy too. We can't let our relationships fall apart. We've got to have friends, we got to maintain a social fabric.

40:00 - That's good wisdom for all. You know, Jesus said, don't cast your pearls among the swine. That means, don't give people pearls of wisdom unless they ask for it. That's what it is.

52:30 - I believe that I help people more than financial planners do, tenfold? Yeah, you come to me and you sell your business for three, four, or five million. I can convert your life to being a multi-multi-millionaire and change your lifestyle in 10 different ways. I mean, I've seen people have small businesses that are only making a couple hundred grand a year and I can get them into businesses that make millions a year.

56:00 - Final Words Shown Below...


Our Final Words of the Show:

I would always try to tell people this, don't let the world tell you what to do. Make sure that you are telling the world what you're going to do. You know that this world somehow is designed in all meaning all well. Our parents do it, our teachers do it, our professors do it. People at our church do it. People on our sports teams do it, they're always telling you what you should do. It's their way, or it's a way or it's whatever and I just tell people to make sure it's you deciding what you want to do.

That would be my lasting legacy of advice. That's what really grabs me about this whole COVID thing, is how easily everybody just was told what to do and everybody just followed it based on really, really insufficient evidence. So I would say that's my two cents. Make sure it's you doing what you want to do. Don't refuse good advice but be led by your own compass. Otherwise, you're going to be led by 30 other compasses, your own compass needle is going to be spinning all the time, and you're not going anywhere. You have got to follow your true north and it's easier said it's talking in bumper stickers, but it is so profound if you can just follow your own compass. That's a way to live a deliberate life, live intentionally by the way of your own being, rather than being swayed by several other faulty accomplices along the way


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