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Dark Softly Tales - Mav Skye EPISODE 32, 22nd June 2020
True Tales to Tell in the Dark #3: What Does It Mean to Have a Soul?

True Tales to Tell in the Dark #3: What Does It Mean to Have a Soul?

What is a soul? How can one obtain one? And why does it matter? And how the heck does this apply to us in 2020?

We steer off course this week on a subject that I've been studying for period of time. Between Hans Christian Andersen's biography, mystical texts, mermaid stories, I decided that a program dedicated to the soul was going to happen.

Join me as we journey through these topics and explore the human experience.

This is a special edition of Dark Softly Softly Tales podcast.

*If you are triggered by religious themes than this episode is probably not for you!

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The True Story of My Life by Hans Christian Anderson

Music: Ethereal Evening by Luca Francini

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