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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 177, 6th May 2020
Social Media: Why “Perfection” Is Overrated
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Social Media: Why “Perfection” Is Overrated

Do you ever feel the pressure to be ‘perfect’ on Social Media?

You want to present yourself, your team & your Salon or Spa Brand in the most professional, polished way possible…

In fact, you’re often so worried about being perfect that you struggle to ‘show up’ on Social Media at all!

Newsflash: perfection is overrated!

What is becoming more and more evident on Social Media is that ‘perfect’ just doesn’t work anymore! As the online landscape becomes more and more flooded with different brands & advertising & promotions & campaigns…. What people are really looking for is to make a connection. 

I’m talking about a real-life, human to human connection that you just don’t find with ‘perfection’. 

In this episode of the Podcast, I’m joined by Stephanie from Sunny Storm Marketing. We’re going to chat about all things Marketing and why it’s important to not only show up on Social Media, but to show up in a way that lets people get to know who you & your brand really are ‘behind the screen’.

Stephanie will also share her top tips on Facebook & Instagram ads and tell you the dos & don’ts for any Salon or Spa Marketer.


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