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The Science of Sex - Dr. Zhana & Joe Pardavila 4th December 2018
#51 – The World of Pup Play
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#51 – The World of Pup Play

We have covered some kink, fetish and BDSM ground on the show, but this time we delve deep into the details of one specific kink: pup (or puppy) play. What is ‘pup play’? Who are ‘bio-pups’, and why are they so into this? Is this related to zoophilia / bestiality, or the world of furries?

In Episode 51,  Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Liam Wignall about his research on pup play and the people who are into it.  He became the first to research this topic after it just kept “pupping” up for him in his research on kink for his PhD. Pup play is exactly what it sounds like; people who are into behaving as puppies socially and sexually. This kink has gotten more attention recently because of the internet, which is the primary way many people discover and start exploring it. Tune in to find out more about pup play from its foremost expert.

You can read the full study discussed in this episode, here.

About our Guest

Dr Liam Wignall is a Lecturer in Psychology at Bournemouth University and a member of its Research Centre for Behaviour Change. He is a qualitative psychologist who studies kink subcultures, sexual identities and virtual media from interdisciplinary perspectives. He received his PhD from the University of Sunderland where he researched individuals who engage in kink activities but differ in levels of immersion into kink communities, examining the transformative effect of the internet on these sexual cultures. His research on pup play was the first to study the kink activity, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior and Sociological Research Online. He is interested in social change and sexualities more generally, and is currently working on a project on drag performers experiences of LGBT cultures.

You can follow Dr. Liam Wignall on instagram @liamwignall and on twitter @liamwignall.

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