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Unlock human behavior with smart flooring
Episode 172nd May 2023 • There's A Device For That • Esper
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Joe Scanlin is the co-founder and CEO of Scanalytics, which transforms physical spaces into intelligent environments through smart floor sensors and predictive analytics. In this episode, Joe reveals how Scanalytics is harnessing the power of sensor-enabled flooring to unlock valuable insights into how people move through space and time and how it impacts their behavior. He shares the benefits this can have across industries from optimizing traffic flow in bustling commercial spaces to detecting falls in senior living facilities to saving energy costs for smart buildings. Listen in to hear how this true innovator is helping create a smarter, more efficient, and more data-powered world.  Content warning: Please note this episode mentions school shootings.

  • 7:40 - How Joe co-founded Scanalytics 
  • 13:00 - The design of Scanalytics’ floor sensors
  • 16:30 - Unlocking space utility and energy savings
  • 18:10 - How Scanalytics’ floor sensors work
  • 20:45 - Applications for Scanalytics technology
  • 24:45 - How Scanalytics compares to IoT sensors and cameras
  • 34:45 - Where to learn more about Scanalytics

Check out Joe’s TedTalk on responsive physical environments: 

There’s A Device For That is hosted by Sudhir Reddy, SVP of Engineering, of Esper. For more about Esper, visit us.

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