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AI Governance and Ethics in AEC
Episode 613th December 2023 • Confluence • Evan Troxel & Randall Stevens
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Sam Zolfagharian of YegaTech joins the show to talk about In this episode, hosts Randall Stevens and Evan Troxel are joined by special guest Sam Zolfagharian in a comprehensive overview of AI (Artificial Intelligence) governance and ethics in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

Sam is the CTO at YegaTech and is an AEC Data & AI Strategy Consultant.

Today we explore various aspects of AI governance and ethics in the AEC industry. The episode begins by discussing the definition and importance of AI governance, address the ethical principles that should be considered in AI governance, emphasizing the significance of fairness, transparency, and accountability. Additionally, we explore the role of AI governance in the AEC industry, and we talk about the importance of implementing measures to minimize the risks associated with AI in AEC. Finally, we touch upon the best approach for establishing AI governance.

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