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Introducing Customer Success in a Hyper-Growth Business
Episode 1417th November 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Adopting a Customer Success methodology that’s able to scale efficiently requires a deep understanding of workflows, people, and tools capable of ensuring an empathetic experience for clients and customers. Today we have a conversation with Tom Vane, Head of Customer Success at Totaljobs, to explore more on these components and learn about the overall performance results and benefits within a complete CS strategy adaptation. Join us in this episode full of CS leadership insights and inspiring stories from Tom and his work at Totaljobs.

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(04:44) - Time for adaptation: Realizing your company needs a CS team and plan - “A customer's decision is now based on the all-round experience they have from the moment they talk to you all the way through to that renewal conversation and rendering.”

(10:12) - Establishing processes, workflows, and customer journey maps - “We had to look at the individual customer segments and say: What do we need to improve the experience for these customers when they're working with us on a day-to-day basis?” 

(13:33) - Effective CS team leadership: Selecting the right skill sets and values - “You need people able to get in front of clients and articulate things, but also be able to turn internally and have those conversations with other internal teams.”

(17:12) - The perks of dedicated CS technology implementation - “We needed something that brought all our data together and that allowed us to communicate en masse to different segments of customers. We needed that help and support to be able to scale as efficiently.”

(21:29) - The outcomes of a complete CS strategy execution - “The impact that we've been able to have on customer sentiment and loyalty has grown 300%.”


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