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How to Keep Your Marketing Working Over the Holidays
Episode 4310th December 2020 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Do you take a holiday from work over Christmas? When you step away from your business, does your marketing halt to a stop?

If you’re taking a much-needed break, your business and marketing can continue to work for you, while you relax.

Here’s how you can take Christmas off, and ensure you’re showing up for your clients with your marketing:

  • (01:03) Let clients know when you're off
  • (02:00) Set up an email autoresponder
  • (02:37) Write a to-do list
  • (03:20) Continue your marketing
  • (05:10) Schedule social media
  • (06:35) Make offers
  • (07:52) Check-in and respond

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