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5 | A Question of Fit
23rd July 2021 • Unlocking Your People • Jessica Chapman
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Have you ever struggled with “fit issues” at your organization? Have you ever been in a company or organization where you felt like the odd one out? It can happen to anyone.  

In this episode of "Unlocking Your People," Jess discusses the issue of "fit" within organizations. Many think that "fit" refers to a candidate's abilities - they possess the right skills and experience to be proficient, or ideally, better than proficient, in a specific role. However, that's only part of the story, as Jess will reveal.

You'll learn about the two distinct types of "fit" - job fit and organizational fit - and why they're both important when determining the suitability of a candidate within your organization.

You'll discover why judging a person's organizational fit can be challenging, resulting in unconscious bias, and inevitably, future-fit issues.

You'll learn why being clear about your organization's values, culture and approach can help better determine a candidate's fit.

You'll also discover the warning signs that you might have a fit issue, such as people challenging you on your approach, or difficulty getting tangible feedback on why you're not advancing.

Whether you’re an employer/candidate going through the recruitment process, or a current employee wondering why your progress seems to have stalled, this episode offers insights that may help make things clearer.


What You Will Learn in This Show:

  • The two types of “fit” an organization looks for - job fit and organizational fit.
  • Why determining someone's "organizational fit" can often be a challenge to judge and can sometimes lead to unconscious bias.  
  • How defining your organization's culture, values, and guiding principles can help to reduce the risk of subjectivity and bias.
  • How to identify whether or not you have a fit issue within the organization for which you work.
  • And so much more…