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Elite Achievement - Kristin Burke EPISODE 10, 19th November 2020
Step by Step with Shayla Ackerman
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Step by Step with Shayla Ackerman

On this episode Kristin conducts her first international interview with Shayla Ackerman, a successful businesswoman and Real Estate Agent. Shayla built an award-winning real estate career, placing her in the top 2% out of 18,000 agents in her brokerage, all in under a decade. Listen to this episode to hear Shayla's incredible insight into mindset, goal setting and building an amazing career.

Episode Highlights

03:45 – Building a career is little by little, taking it year by year step-by-step

08:30 – Growing yourself to grow your career

11:40 - The power of having a support system and how to find one outside of your immediate circle

17:55 - Motivation comes if your career genuinely makes you happy

24:20 - Be adaptive! Goal achieving is a journey, so we need to adapt and change along the way


Connect with Kristin @meetkristinburke on Instagram and on her website kristinburke.com

Shayla on Instagram @shaylaackerman

Shayla’s profile on Ackerman & CO. official website