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“A Leap Forward” by MikasiWolf (part 2 of 3)
29th July 2020 • The Voice of Dog • Rob MacWolf and guests
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In a world where Parkour traceurs live on the roofs, away from the discrimination and persecution of life of the ground, Lesaut the African civet was tasked be the community leader to mentor a newcomer by the name of Snoss. Lesaut was however concerned due to an experience in his past. As Lesaut shows him the way to his rooftop home they would stay for the night, Snoss seems like he has plenty to hide about his past, however…

Today’s story is the second part of  “A Leap Forward” by MikasiWolf, who is a Wolf Mercenary writer.

"A Leap Forward” had formerly appeared in Claw the Way to Victory by Goal Publications (formerly published by Jaffa Books), and Furry Trash by Rabbit Valley Press and you can find links to more of his stories on his Wikifur or Furaffinity page.

This is a story in three parts, which will conclude next time.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.