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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 129, 30th November 2020
Pod 129: Theo Priestly and Future Space Exploration
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Pod 129: Theo Priestly and Future Space Exploration

Our guest this week has both memories of watching Terrahawks and predictions about the exploration of space! Theo Priestly explains how science fiction can influence the future and how Gerry Anderson shows like Joe 90 have impacted our world today. To learn more about Theo's work as a futurist and pre-order his new book, check out the links below!

01:07 Introductions

03:30 FAB Facts Challenge

09:18 Podsteron Facebook Group Posts & Emails

16:12 Gerry Anderson News

22:04 Listeners Email In!

28:12 Theo Priestly - Part Two

52:52 Tweets & YouTube Comments from Listeners

57:25 Marina and Chris Dale get up to some Christmas hijinks on this week's Randomiser

01:19:28 Wrapping things up

Links Mentioned

Theo's Official Website and Twitter

Catch up on First Action Bureau

Cyber Monday at the Gerry Anderson Store

Ewbank's Gerry Anderson Auction

Thunderbirds March Live at Royal Albert Hall

The 12 days of Anderson Christmas!

Gerry Anderson Christmas Stories - Our Top 5

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